American Manganese

American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY; FRANK: 2AM; PINKS: plans to produce electrolytic manganese for the steel and rechargeable battery markets with a breakthrough lower cost, cleaner process. The company’s Artillery Peak property in Arizona is the largest known manganese deposit in the Southwest U.S. at a time when this critical metal faces declining supply. The company’s new low power and low water process for producing electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) and other related products (EMD and CMD) has been validated in pilot testing.

Investment Proposition

  • High Purity Product for the Lithiated Manganese Rechargeable Batteries
  • Strong Fundamentals
  • North American Manganese Opportunity
  • 43-101 Resource
  • 43-101 Prefeasibility Evaluation
  • Manganese Critical to Steel Industry – No Substitution
  • Manganese a Strategic Metal to the U.S. – No North American Production
  • Highly Experienced Management Group
  • Allowance of Patent Process Granted