Cruz Cobalt Corp.


Cobalt may face significant shortages in the future as the market for Cobalt has been steadily increasing… and the supply has not kept pace.

Cobalt and lithium are often referred to as “energy metals”. They are the primary constituents, along with graphite, of lithium ion batteries, the fastest growing segment of the battery market. There is a lot of hype in this space, however demand growth is strong and expected to continue. Graphite and lithium have been hot sectors, but there has been little excitement about cobalt. This metal could be next.

The Uluburun Shipwreck was discovered off the east coast of Turkey, near Kaş, in 1982. It has been dated to the late 14th Century BC. Among other cargo, it was carrying a number of ingots of cobalt blue glass. The is the earliest known use of cobalt compounds. It has been used worldwide for millennia to produce a very intense, deep blue colour.  The metal itself is thought to have been discovered by Swede Georg Brandt in 1735.