Excellent Video Presentation From the Experts: The Rise of Electric Car Battery Mega Factories + Future Demand for Cobalt and Other Battery Metals: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Jun 6, 2019

The Rise of Electric Car Battery Mega Factories — Demand for Cobalt and Other Battery Metals

Video presentation from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence CEO Simon Moores at the Royal Institution in London. Benchmark is the leading battery metals research group in the world.
This is an excellent 12-minute presentation on the current situation and next 10 years for battery production and metals
Please click on the link below and then on the first picture (showing another presenter) to see Simon Moores’  presentation (including slides) from approx. 14:40 to 26:00.
You can also watch the other expert presenters before and after — by scrolling down the page and clicking on the second picture on the page — you can access the Q and A involving all other presenters.
Note:  Canada Cobalt Works has plenty of high-grade cobalt and silver in the ground at its former producing mines in Northern Ontario as well as a patent-pending revolutionary Re-2OX hydrometallurgical processing technology for environmentally friendly extraction of all metals without the use of a smelter. For more information on recent developments, please visit our website at www.canadacobaltworks.com

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