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Mar 14, 2019


Drilling results return 243 meters grading 65.2% Iron and 0.50% Vanadium
Pentoxide in concentrates from Davis Tube Analysis

TORONTO, CANADA, March 13th, 2019 – Vanadium One Energy Corp. (the “Company”) (TSXV:VONE), is pleased to release further assay results for 3 holes from its 2018 fall drilling program at its 100% owned Mont Sorcier Iron Ore Project, near Chibougamau, Quebec. The final 3 holes were drilled in the South Zone, and again, drilling intersected significant continuous mineralization throughout each hole, with Hole MSS-18-18 returning an intersection of 243 meters of concentrate grading 65.2% Fe and 0.50% Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) within the Iron formation, using the Davis Tube Test (DTT).

On average, across the three holes, the content of Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) in magnetite concentrate prepared through DTT analysis is 0.57%, with an average Iron (Fe) content of 64.5% across 548 meters of drill core. This includes composite sample peaks of up to 1.00% V2O5 over 40 meters in drill hole MSS-18-20, as shown in Table 1. At the Company’s Mont Sorcier Project, higher grade zones of vanadium pentoxide are found regularly throughout the iron formation in both South and North Zones.

Martin Walter, CEO, said, “Our results continue to demonstrate wide zones of Fe and V2O5 mineralization within the two deposits, known as the North and South Zones. We are particularly encouraged by the persistent wide bands of higher-grade Vanadium Pentoxide found inside the magnetite iron formation. Again, this strengthens our opinion that the vanadium content is an important economic credit, in addition to the value of the Iron, when considering future economic studies conducted on the project.”

Table 1: List of Drill Intersections – 2018 Fall Drill Program (Lengths: downhole meters, Grades: %)


Area 2018 Mont Sorcier Drilling Rock (Head) DTT (concentrate)
  Drill Hole From To Length SG % Fe2O3 % V2O5 Satmagan % TiO2 % Fe2O3 % V2O5 % Fe
South MSS-18-18       27.0     270.0       243.0 3.1            34.8   0.23        21.6 1.29      93.2        0.50       65.2
Zone Including          47.0      98.2          51.2 3.3            41.7 0.40         26.4 1.34      92.2        0.80       64.5
Centre MSS-18-19       35.0     221.2       186.2 3.1            38.9   0.28        24.9 1.10      91.0        0.55       63.6
  Including          53.0 109.0               56.0 3.4            46.2 0.43         30.0 1.15      93.2        0.74       65.1
  MSS-18-20       58.0     192.0       134.0 3.4            45.9   0.40        29.8 1.02      92.4        0.71       64.6
  Including         101.0    141.0           40.0 3.5            47.4 0.57         30.8 0.99      92.3        1.00       64.5


This is the third and final release of drilling results from the Company’s 2018 Fall drilling program. Previous drilling results were released in two previous news releases on February 7th and February 28th


respectively. The Company drilled a total of 17 holes between September and December 2018, adding 13 drill holes in the South Zone and completing 4 drill holes in the North Zone. Drill holes are angled at either 45° or 60° and drilled in either a north or south direction, across the east-west striking iron formation. Drill hole location details and maps can be found on our web site at

Sample Information

Drill core samples up to 4 meters in length were delivered to SGS Laboratories in Val d’Or, from November through December 2018. Once at SGS, the rock (Head) samples are initially crushed and assayed with XRF Technology, plus Satmagan. Each sample then undergoes Davis Tube Testing (DTT), which removes the magnetic fraction from the non-magnetic material, to produce a magnetite concentrate. The magnetite concentrate is then assayed to measure its Iron and Vanadium content recovered. The Company reports both sets of assay grades as shown in Table 1.

The total-iron assay (%Fe2O3) reported is split between magnetic commercial grade iron oxide and other non-magnetic minerals bearing iron using Satmagan and/or Davis Tube. Satmagan measures magnetic iron content with a magnet. DTT is a small-scale laboratory magnetic separation analysis designed to measure the amount and quality of potentially commercial iron content concentrate in drill core samples. DTT results can vary depending on grinding. The Company used grinding at 85% passing 75 microns (200 mesh) which is an exploration standard. Previous owner Campbell, in 1974, reported its DTT using 95% passing 38 microns (325 mesh), which is a Feasibility Study standard.

The technical information contained in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Pierre-Jean Lafleur, P.Eng. (OIQ), who is a Qualified Person with respect to the Company’s Mont Sorcier Project as defined under National Instrument 43-101.

About Vanadium One Energy Corp.:

Vanadium One Energy Corp. is a mineral exploration company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The Company is focused on advancing its Mont Sorcier Magnetite Iron Ore and Vanadium Project. The Mont Sorcier Project is a bulk tonnage magnetite iron ore and vanadium deposit, with very low titanium content, located near the northern Quebec mining town of Chibougamau, providing access to excellent infrastructure, including rail, shipping and power.


Martin Walter, CEO
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