Sego to start drilling at Miner Mountain Oct. 17

Oct 10, 2017

2017-10-10 13:05 ET – News Release

Mr. Paul Stevenson reports


Sego Resources Inc. will start a diamond drill program on the Cuba zone of its Miner Mountain copper-gold porphyry project near Princeton, B.C., on Oct. 17, 2017.

The drilling is planned with an initial two diamond drill holes totalling 600 metres, with a goal of extending diamond drill holes 21 and 28 both laterally and at depth (see drill hole assays from this area below). Sego’s geologists use handheld XRF devices to gain real-time estimates of mineralization in the freshly-returned drill core. Based on the XRF results, Sego will extend the depths of any holes that continue to show mineralization down-hole. Further diamond drilling will be planned based on the information gained.

The previous drill holes in this area were announced March 12, 2012, and are as follows:

“The assay results from west to east:

DDH 21 from 10.06 metres to 110.45 m, 100.39 m of 0.946-per-cent Cu, 0.55 g/t Au, 3.473 g/t Ag. Including from 10.06 to 45.11 m, 35.05 m of 2.457-per-cent Cu, 1.35 g/t Au, 8.896 g/t Ag;(Twin of PDH 9 from 12 to 64 m, 1.264-per-cent Cu, 1.061 g/t Au, 3.79 g/t Ag)

DDH 23 from 43.5 m to 74.98 m, 31.48 m of 0.172-per-cent Cu, 0.228 g/t Au, 0.619 g/t Ag Including from 62.79 m to 74.98 m, 12.19 m of 0.3-per-cent Cu, 0.469 g/t Au, 0.951 g/t Ag;(Twin of PDH 02 from 60 to 70 m, 0.355-per-cent Cu, 0.446 g/t Au, 1.2 g/t Ag)

DDH 24 from 11.58 to 139.6 m, 128.02 m of 0.344-per-cent Cu, 0.296 g/t Au, 0.975 g/t Ag Including from 42.06 m to 84.73 m, 42.67 m of 0.737-per-cent Cu, 0.751 g/t Au, 1.57g/t Ag;(Twin of PDH 77 from 38 to 93 m, 54 m of 0.342-per-cent Cu with 0.473 g/t Au)

DDH 25 from 11.28 m to 17.37 m, 5.99 m of 1.372-per-cent Cu, 0.677 g/t Au;(Twin of PDH 94 from 18 to 100 m, 82 m of 1.006-per-cent Cu, 0.576 g/t Au, 1.69 g/t Ag)

DDH 26 from 17.37 m to 29.57 m, 12.2 m of 1.163-per-cent Cu, 0.759 g/t Au; (Twin of PDH 94 from 18 to 100 m, 82 m of 1.006-per-cent Cu, 0.576 g/t Au, 1.69 g/t Ag)

DDH 27 from 8.23 to 96.62 m, 88.39 m of 0.222-per-cent Cu, 0.192 g/t Au, 0.428 g/t Ag Including from 60.05 to 78.33 m, 18.28 m of 0.546-per-cent Cu, 0.339 g/t Au, 0.733 g/t Ag;

DDH 28 from 7.62 to 77.12 m, 69.5 m of 0.257-per-cent Cu, 0.193 g/t Au, 0.644 g/t Ag Including from 38.1 to 62.48, 24.38 m of 0.451-per-cent Cu, 0.32 g/t Au, 0.9 g/t Ag.

Final two intervals of DDH 28 from 199.64 m to 205.74 m are 3 m of 4233-ppm Cu, 117.9-ppb Au, and 3 m of 5890-ppm Cu with 259-ppb Au, respectively.


Core logging has indicated the presence of a large package of highly altered Nicola group volcanics (flows and tuffs) to a depth of 300 metres. Alteration varies in intensity from whole rock replacement to lightly altered rock with preserved textures. Alteration styles identified in hand specimen, included potassic, albitic, and propylitic, which have also been identified in thin section from previous drilling. Overprinting all is gypsum-albite-calcite-pyrite in a late stage event which crosscuts all other alteration/mineralization.

Mineralization ranges from chalcopyrite-bornite plus or minuspyrite to chalcopyrite-pyrite, to pyrite only. At the highest grades, chalcopyrite and bornite occur in fine grained net-textured to massive disseminations throughout the rock, at lower grades they preferentially replace the mafic minerals in volcanics. Notably the highest grade material is closer to surface in most drill holes. Pyrite is ubiquitous outside the highest grade material, occurring with chalcopyrite in veins, as fracture fillings as replacements of mafic minerals or as fine grained disseminations. In the gypsum-calcite-albite phase described above the amount of pyrite can be over 10 per cent in select intervals.

The drilling indicates that mineralization remains open in all directions. Further work will look to expand the near surface mineralization, and to explore below the current level of drilling where alteration/geophysics suggests a large target remains to be tested.”

The Miner Mountain project is an extensive alkalic copper-gold porphyry system near Princeton, B.C. The ease of access and limited snowfall has made winter drilling possible in previous drill campaigns conducted by Sego. Sego has a 5 year area-based permit and an excellent working relationship with the local community and First Nations.

Sego is 100-per-cent owner of the Miner Mountain project, an alkalic copper-gold porphyry exploration project near Princeton, B.C. The property is 2,056.54 hectares in size and located 15 kilometres north of the Copper Mountain mine operated by Copper Mountain Mining Corp. and Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Sego has a memorandum of understanding with the upper Similkameen Indian Band, on whose traditional territory the Miner Mountain project is situated.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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