Spearmint Contracts Experienced Drillers for Nevada Lithium Drilling

Feb 13, 2018

Spearmint Resources Inc. (“SRJ” or the “Company”) (SRJ—TSX.V) (SPMTF—OTCBB) (A2AHL5–FSE) is pleased to announce that it has engaged Harris Exploration Drilling and Associates Inc “Harris” to drill the Clayton Valley Lithium Prospect.  Harris Drilling has had extensive experience drilling in the Clayton Valley lithium clays and brines.

James Nelson, President States, “We are very pleased to have one of the top drillers in Clayton Valley on our team.  Harris has drilled a significant amount of lithium wells in the past 5 years including wells for Lithium X (LIX-TSX.v),  Pure Energy Minerals Ltd (PE—TSX.v)  and Westwater Resources Inc. (WWR-NASD).  We anticipate the commencement of the drilling shortly and look forward to this phase of corporate growth.   Now that we have closed our financing we are able to commence operations on multiple projects.””

Spearmint’s current projects include a portfolio of lithium prospects. The ‘Clayton Valley Lithium Prospects’ in Nevada comprise of two claim blocks totalling 800-acres bordering Pure Energy Minerals (PE.v) & Cypress Development Corp. (CYP.v). Spearmint also has three lithium projects in Quebec, including the 4,485-acre ‘Pressiac Lithium Prospect’, the 524-acre ‘Whabouchi Lakes Lithium Prospect’, and the 2,636-acre ‘Whabouchi Lakes West Lithium Prospect’ in the vicinity of Nemaska Lithium Inc. (NMX.t) & Critical Elements Corp. (CRE.v).

Spearmint’s ‘Chibougamau Vanadium Prospects’ comprise of five separate claim blocks totalling 9,735-acres bordering, or in the direct vicinity of, the vanadium deposit of BlackRock Metal’s (private) Ilmenite vanadium project, Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc. (VRB.v) and Vanadium One Energy Corp. (VONE.v).

Spearmint’s current projects also include three areas of focus on gold in British Columbia; the ‘Golden Triangle Gold Prospects’ comprising of four separate claim blocks totaling 4,095-acres bordering GT Gold Corp (GTT.v), the ‘Gold Mountain Prospects’ comprising of three separate claim blocks totaling 1,245-acres bordering Barkerville Gold Mines (BGM.v), and the 3,052 acre ‘Neba Prospect’ bordering Aben Resources Ltd (ABN.v). Spearmint’s 8,482 acre ‘EL North’ Nickel-Copper Prospect is a contiguous land package that includes the ‘EL North, EL North 2 and the BUDDY claims’ in the Eskay Creek Camp bordering Garibaldi Resources Corp (GGI.v). Spearmint’s 1,500 acre ‘WHY WEST’ Magnesium project near Rossland, BC directly borders West High Yield Resources (WHY.v).

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About Spearmint:

Thank you for your interest in Spearmint Resources Inc. Spearmint Resources is a Canadian junior resource exploration company dedicated to the aggressive pursuit of world class mineral deposits. The company is focused on assembling a portfolio of low risk, high reward properties at the exploration stage and developing them so as to maximize shareholder value. Several upcoming project milestones make this an exciting time period for Spearmint’s corporate growth potential. As you can see there are many compelling reasons to look at Spearmint immediately.


Current Projects


Lithium Properties:



Clayton SRJ.jpg 

•          The “CLAYTON VALLEY LITHIUM PROSPECTS”   – Spearmint Resources Inc. has acquired two separate claim blocks in Nevada that are prospective for lithium known as the Elon property and the McGee property which cover an aggregate area of 800 acres. These two separate claim blocks border Pure Energy Minerals’ (PE.v) Clayton Valley project and Cypress Development Corp’s (CYP.v) property. Pure Energy is in the only known lithium-bearing brine in North America that is in production and Spearmint is very pleased to be in this area. Historic and recent drill programs in adjacent and nearby properties are suggestive of the potential for the discovery of lithium-bearing brines.


Of the 91 samples collected during the phase 1 work program, and submitted to ALS Minerals in Vancouver, B.C., The highest sample value obtained was 1,630 parts per million, with an overall average value of 843 parts per million lithium. 23 of the 91 samples achieved values of over 1,000 parts per million. The samples ranged from a low of 285 parts per million to the high of 1,630 parts per million.   Spearmint Resources has recently received approval of the NOI (notice of intent to drill) from the State of Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources to drill its 100-percent-owned Clayton Valley lithium prospect and plans to begin drilling shortly.


Below is the historical Lithium price (USD$)  per metric ton


lithium price.png

gigafactory 2018.png


•          The “PREISSAC LITHIUM PROSPECT”   – Spearmint’s 4,485 acre Preissac Lithium property is located in Quebec. The vicinity of the Preissac lithium property contains multiple lithium showings. Less than two km south of the property are located the Aldous and the Authier showings. Those showings correspond to spodumene mineralization inside pegmatite dikes, with a lithium content up to 1.14 per cent lithium. Less than three km northeast of the property is the Lac de Hauteur showing. Analysis reported by the MERN (Ministere de l’Energie et des Ressources naturelles) indicates anomalies in tantalium, niobium and lithium. Less than six km south are the Cominco-Nickel, Marbridge, Ataman, Lamotte and Cubric showings. These showings are ultramafic formation, with content up to 3.65 per cent nickel, with minor copper, zinc and molybdenum.


•          The “WHABOUCHI LAKES LITHIUM PROSPECT”  – Spearmint’s 524 acre Whabouchi Lakes property is located in the James Bay area of the province of Quebec. This property consists of four claims that total approximately 2.13 square km. These claims overlay the possible source of lake sediment geochemical anomalies. The anomalous elements are bismuth, rare earth elements, lithium, niobium and tungsten, which represent good pathfinders and indicators of pegmatite-hosted type of mineralization also present at Nemaska Lithium Inc.’s (NMX.V) Whabouchi deposit.


•          The “WHABOUCHI LAKES WEST LITHIUM PROSPECT” – Spearmint’s 2,636 acre Whabouchi Lakes West property is located in the James Bay area of the province of Quebec, approximately 40 km east of the community of Nemaska, 228 km north-northwest of the Chibougamau municipality and in the immediate vicinity of the Whabouchi mine of Nemaska Lithium Inc. (NMX.v). It includes 20 claims that total approximately 10.66 square km.




Vanadium Properties:


•          The “CHIBOUGAMAU VANADIUM PROSPECTS”   – Spearmint Resources Inc. has acquired a 100-per-cent interest in five separate vanadium prospects totaling 9,735 acres, the Chibougamau vanadium prospects, all located in the direct vicinity of Lac Chibougamau, Quebec. These new properties border BlackRock Metals’ (private) Ilmenite vanadium project, Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.’s (VRB.v) Lac Dore vanadium project and Vanadium One Energy Corp.’s (VONE.v) Mont Sorcier vanadium project. This new block of claims puts Spearmint in the heart of the expanding Chibougamau mining district’s vanadium circle. Vanadium has garnered significant market attention recently as the use of vanadium in battery storage is gaining momentum and Spearmint is very pleased to be able to acquire a significant footprint in one of Canada’s best-known vanadium districts.

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